The store will display the Products in a prominent place in the  establishment, and will make every effort to sell the Products at or above the initial retail prices.  

The store will have the option to provide a 10% discount at any time during the course of the consignment in order to sell a Product.  After the unsold product has been displayed and offered for sale for the period of 30 days, the product will be discounted by 20 percent in order to promote a quick sale.  If in the next 30 days the product has not sold, the product will be reduced by another 20% for a period of 30 days.  If after that period the product still has not sold, the client will be notified and offered an opportunity to pick up the product or have it donated to a charity that provides pick up service.

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The store accepts the Products from the client on a consignment basis only. The client shall be solely responsible for the cost of delivering the Products to the store. All risk of loss or damage to the Products while those Products are in transit remains with the client.

The consignment shall begin on the date the Products are received by the store and shall end 90 days after that date.  If the product has not sold the product shall either be picked up by the client or be donated to a charity that will provide pickup. 

Our Appraisal & Estate Services offers a full range of options for those who need to sell the contents of an estate, home, or collection. From the free on-site consultation to the final accounting, we handle every aspect of your sale with care and professionalism. We strive to get the highest realized value for your possessions, whether we are auctioning your collectibles on e-bay, selling to a dealer/ collector or running an on-site tag sale, we creatively and diligently provide you with the results that you desire.

Our knowledge and expertise, gives us an advantage over our competitors. One of the most vital aspects of profitable asset liquidation is to determine the best marketplace to sell assets. knowing the appraisal process make it possible to direct your assets to the venue where the highest possible value can be realized in a timely manner. We employ a variety of methods including auction, dealers, collectors, consignment, tag sale, and tax-advantaged charitable giving. We evaluate each item separately to determine how it fits into an overall disposal strategy that meets your needs.


On the sale of any of the Products, the client will receive 50% of the Retail Price of the Product sold . The Commission shall be the client’s sole compensation under this Agreement. Within 45 days after the sale of any product, the store will pay to the client the Retail Price less the Commission on each Product Sale.